Personal Projects

A Glimpse of Donegal – Part 2

Have you ever been shooting video with your camera and when you thought you were recording video, you actually weren’t, and when you thought you weren’t recording, you were? This happened to me here, resulting in very little usable footage. I also had a programmable motorised timelapse spinner for this one.
Sony A7
TurnsPro timelapse spinner

A Glimpse of Donegal

While on holiday in Donegal I enjoyed collecting footage as well as shooting timelapses of the area. Compiling it I was able to create a little film I called “A glimpse of donegal”, I didn’t realise it at the time but I now intend to continue making glimpse of donegal videos, each showing a different area. This was also my first real attempt at a hyperlapse. Check it out to see the results.
Nikon D5100
Motorola Moto X Style (phone)

Sony A7 Camera Test

Having just purchased a sony A7 camera second hand I was eager to get out and test out its video capabilities. The description of this video on vimeo says it all.

Barcelona Metro – a GoPro Adventure

I purchased my GoPro Hero 3+ black while on holiday in barcelona and was excited to use it. This was a fun video to make.

DIY GoPro timelapse Spinner

Using an egg timer as a timelapse spinner for a gopro is nothing new and the video is unnecessarily long. and even includes a timelapse itself. But I saw it as an exercise in film making.

Dubshed Car Show Videos

Both filmed and edited as part of Genetically Modified Productionsphoto.jpg

Cameras and equipment used:

  • Sony A7 w/ various lenses
  • canon 500d w/ various lenses
  • GoPro 3+ black
  • DJI Osmo
  • DJI Ronin and Ronin M