Week 1: Introduction and What is Creativity?

definition of creativity

(but this is just what google says)

With this being the first class with mr Paul Moore I didn’t know what to expect. Straight away it’s obvious he’s been doing this for a while and has gotten pretty good at it.

An introduction is what the planner said it would be and an introduction is what we got, Paul spoke about some familiar topics and some not so familiar to me. I was interested when he mentioned TED talks as I’m familiar with these myself.

Creativity is a broad and diverse topic, for me when I think of creativity as a concept my first thought is problem solving, during  A-level moving image arts I had an idea for my film piece that required a specific piece of camera mounting equipment, it existed but as with most things marketed as camera equipment the price meant it was completely out if the question for my project. I saw this as both an obstacle and a challenge. I enjoy designing something I can build myself and then seeing that project through, so I designed and built a thing that straps to someone’s  waist and when a gopro is attached and positioned correctly it gives a 3rd person view of that person’s actions. I used it as part of my film project, even going as far as to document it in my write up. This is what I think of when I hear creativity.
I am a huge fan of a filmmaker turned social media mogul called casey neistat. Casey left the filmmaking and advertising business to pursue a different goal in his life, to make a tool that would make as easy as possible for people to create, make and change social media. In short he made a mobile app called beme that enables instantaneous creation and distribution of personal videos, the video that he made for it explains this a lot better that I can.

In conclusion everyone will think of something different when the hear the word creativity, no you know what I think.

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